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The Limber Studio Workout 


Power Plate

Power Plate Vibration training at Limber Studio is more than physical fitness, it’s a way to better health: stronger bodies, stronger bones, brighter more glowing skin, and better sleep. We utilize the science of vibration to wake up your cells, increase circulation, drain & detoxify the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation, and accelerate recovery time. The body’s response to vibration increases serotonin & HGH and reduces cortisol— leaving you feeling high and living more vibrantly.

The Power Plate is a medical-grade device that utilizes harmonic vibration. The vibration activates your muscle reflexes, and during our workout classes, muscles are contracting 30 to 40 times per second​.

Strength and Power:

  • Muscle toning

  • Increases endurance

  • Increases metabolic demand

  • Increases serotonin

  • When it comes to bone density everyone is different so we can only control the controllable (improve functional strength, help prevent falls, decrease the percentage of bone loss, maybe grow new bone)


Cellulite and Recover

  • Improves and increases blood flow to strengthen the cardiovascular system

  • Decreases cortisol levels 

  • Increases HGH (typical monthly cost for injections $300-$600)

  • Creates lymphatic flush

Range of Motion

  • Increased flexibility

  • Improved muscle recruitment (up to 80%)

  • Increased balance and coordination (fall prevention!!)

  • Strength

  • Power

  • Muscular endurance

  • Agility

ViPR Pro:


Our free weight tool used to create authentic loaded movements that are consistent with movement tasks seen on the farm. Its design and function were crafted in an effort to train hockey players in Canada.


  • Loaded Movement

  • Grip Strength

  • Tensile Strength

  • Activation

  • Starting Strength

  • Acceleration

  • Deceleration

  • Strength

  • Power

  • Muscular endurance

  • Agility