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What's a Power Plate?

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

A vibrating platform...

A vibration platform is the latest exercise equipment that is quickly gaining mass appeal. Unlike conventional machines, a vibrating machine works in a unique way. As the name suggests, this machine relies on vibrations to do its work through an oscillating platform.

Users sit, stand or workout on a vibrating training machine. The vibration plate then begins to vibrate between thirty to fifty times per second. These rapid movements causes the muscles to stretch and your body responds by contracting those muscles.

In the mean time, the machine is back to the first place and this stretch/contract process goes on. So, you can easily gain around fifty muscle contractions per second. This type of workout is not possible with other training machines and this is where the vibrating platform stands out.

Conventional exercise equipment only works 40% of the muscles whilst a vibrating plate helps to work muscles by 100%. The effect of this is that, you will notice quick regeneration of tissues and increase in bone density.

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