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What is a Movement and Recovery Studio?

It’s a spot for people to feel comfortable moving the way the body is intended to move. It’s a refuge to offset the challenges of your current lifestyle: sitting too long, staring at computer/phone screens, not exercising enough, or destroying your body with all your workouts and activities.

Check out our video to learn more about how Limber Studios can guide you through whatever stage of fitness you've reached to achieve your best performance.

Ready to reclaim a better quality of life and health? 

Welcome to the place where you can experience innovative mobility sessions.


Our Sessions

The whole point is to start to move and feel better, so you'll be focused on your foot, hips and neck/shoulder areas. Your experience will be limited to a handful of the best products in the industry which will enhance your progress.


Like to get started trying it out but not sure where to begin? Look no further, we’ll introduce you to the studio, the products and programming.


Our version of a full-body exercise class. It’s broken up into four, 5-minute segments; warm-up, stretch, foundational strength and mobility, finishing up with a massage. 


Sore and tired from a previous workout, sports or life? This active pampering session is for you. The majority of the session is spent massaging on the Power Plate then we finish with a short stretch phase. You can’t overtrain on recovery so if you have any doubt what to do, this is your class.


You have your workout routine already in place but you need to stretch more. This session we work from the toes up: ankle, hip, spine, chest, shoulder, and finally the neck. We’ll start getting you Limber. 


This class will incorporate energetic movement through a series of asanas (yoga postures), to experience a sense of fluid physical motion.


As the name implies - this is the butt-kicking, full-body, HiiT session all done on the Power Plate. Keep your shoes on and bring your ‘A’ game.

Tony Swain

Tony Swain is the founder of Limber Studio, passionate about showing people how to move differently, play better and feel better through repetitive movement and consistent progress using Limber’s unique programming.


Through decades of expert direction, instruction and hands-on training with elite health clubs and fitness technologies, Tony has seen first-hand what products and industry educators will help change the landscape of modern movement and recovery techniques.


Tony’s goal is to create a community of people who constantly challenge conventional approaches to fitness and inspire new habits for real-world functional strength and improved health.


More about Tony

John Sinclair

John Sinclair is the creator of Limber’s fun, empowering Power Plate movement sessions that help build long-term solutions for happier and healthier lives.


As the founder of several performance and health organizations, his life’s work and passion has been focused on everything from athletic development and longevity to pain-management education.


John’s goal is to help athletes, working professionals and post-therapy clients lead active lives centered around less pain and greater health and happiness.


More about John

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